Junk Silver at the
Lowest Price in Years

In the last couple years, supplies of "junk" silver completely dried up and premiums for these very popular coins sky-rocketed. We couldn’t in good conscience recommend them to our customers. However, we have just acquired a new supply of junk silver that we can once again offer at investment-worthy prices.

~ 95¢ Over Spot ~ Any Quantity ~

Jumk Silver

A Must-Have for Serious Investors

"Junk" silver is hardly junk. These are US dimes and quarters minted prior to 1965, the era when America still minted its coins from real money. At only 95¢ over spot, every precious metals investor should consider stowing away at least 1 or 2 bags of these silver coins.

  • Every coin contains 90% pure silver
  • $500 face-value bag = 357.5 ounces of pure silver
  • Small unit value is perfect for bartering
  • Easily recognizable as US-minted silver coins
  • Heavy-duty canvas bag for easy storage

Our Best Price Ever on Junk Silver

Our Chairman Peter Schiff still expects a major US dollar crisis in the coming years. If the dollar loses its status as the world’s reserve currency, its value will plummet and barter might be the only way to buy life's essentials. That’s when junk silver becomes invaluable. These dimes and quarters are still recognized as legal US currency, but carry the additional assurance of the pure silver they contain.

For these very reasons, premiums on junk silver shot up to as high as 20% over the spot price in the past few years. That would cost you about $4 per ounce at today’s silver price. We’re offering a premium of just 95¢ over spot!

Offer details:

  • 95¢ over spot per ounce
  • $500 face-value bags contain a mix of pre-1965 dimes and quarters
  • Free shipping within the US when you purchase 1 or more bags
  • Unfortunately this item is not allowed to be shipped into Canada, but we do offer terrific pricing on other silver products that can be easily shipped into Canada. Please call for more details.

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An Unmissable Opportunity

Peter Schiff strongly believes the best days are ahead for silver. Already this year, silver has rallied nearly 7% from its December lows, while the Dow Jones has hardly performed at all.

While the prices of both gold and silver have performed very well this year, the next leg up in their bull run has barely even begun. Remember, in a precious metals bull market, silver tends to rise faster than gold. That means that now is the perfect time to take advantage of these great prices.

Call 1-888-GOLD-160 today to discuss your investment needs, ask questions, or simply place an order for this limited time deal.

No maximum order while supplies last.

Offer Ends August 20th at 9 PM ET

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